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The All Star Invitational Marching Band unites talented performers from around the country by offering them the opportunity to showcase their skills at a national marching event and interact with our team of nationally recognized marching directors. This unique, educational performance opportunity is operated by WorldStrides Heritage Performance programs through special arrangement at the Orange Bowl.

WorldStrides Heritage Performance programs promote excellence among choirs, bands, orchestras, and dance and cheer squads by providing outstanding educational and performance opportunities for accomplished student performers throughout the world. In over 30 years, more than 100,000 students have enjoyed the amazing opportunity to perform at a national bowl game or parade. WorldStrides Heritage Performance has maintained longstanding relationships with many major bowl games, including the Gator Bowl (25 years); Sugar and Liberty Bowls (24 years); Orange and Alamo Bowls (18 years); Holiday Bowl (13 years); and Russel Athletic Bowl (8 years).

We are proud to provide the opportunity for participants in the 2014 All Star Invitational Marching Band to take the field for two performances at the Discover Orange Bowl in South Florida.

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